foolish things


The only one who can have sex with me is me.

She’s trying to stay composed, since she’s our captain. She’s waiting until she’s out of sight.

do you ever decide to read one last doujinshi of your otp at 1 am before going to bed and then you start hearing the chirp of the fucking birds and realize it’s 6.30 am and you’ve read so much porn and start thinking ‘what am i doing with my life?’

カラスのひみつ【HQ!!/腐】by よの

Rolling Girl
wowaka(現実逃避P) feat. 初音ミク
Unhappy Refrain

mou ikkai, mou ikkai


Art by old先 | #

Wait,no! Remember, you’re supposed to talk to me about what’s on your mind!!!

「13, Jason」